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This Love by Lotte Jeffs

This Love has been likened to One Day and I can see why. There is a lot of joy and sadness to be found here. I was surprised at how quickly I fell in love with Ari. A story about being queer, making a family from our friends, love and forgiveness and all the shades of grey in-between. I adored it.

From the back

When Mae and Ari meet their final year at the University of Leeds, their connection is magnetic. Mae, whilst stubborn and no stranger to breaking hearts, needs Ari's bright light to guide her out of her self-centred ways; Ari, vibrant, charming and reeling in the aftermath of a scandal in New York, clings to Mae as his grounding anchor.

As the years sweep by, the two traverse the tumult of life: toxic partners and hidden secrets, the heavy weight of grief, and a complicated, unignorable desire to start a family . . . If they can hold onto one another in the face of the relentless past and the inevitable future, they might discover how to build something beautiful out of their expansive, boundary-breaking love.


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