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The Square of Sevens by Laura Shepherd-Robinson

Red is a young fortune-teller in England in 1740. The book starts on a stormy night and sweeps you away into the pages. A book to savour rather than rush as the plot is complicated, but incredibly satisfying and the characters are fabulous, both the good and the bad. I will read anything Laura writes.

From the back

‘This is your story, Red. You must tell it well . . .’

A girl known only as Red, the daughter of a Cornish fortune-teller, travels with her father making a living predicting fortunes using the ancient method: the Square of Sevens. When her father suddenly dies, Red becomes the ward of a gentleman scholar.

Now raised as a lady amidst the Georgian splendour of Bath, her fortune-telling is a delight to high society. But she cannot ignore the questions that gnaw at her soul: who was her mother? How did she die? And who are the mysterious enemies her father was always terrified would find him?

The pursuit of these mysteries takes her from Cornwall and Bath to London and Devon, from the rough ribaldry of the Bartholomew Fair to the grand houses of two of the most powerful families in England. And while Red's quest brings her the possibility of great reward, it also leads her into grave danger . . .


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