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The Silence in Between by Josie Ferguson

A stunning piece of historical fiction based in Berlin in 1961 and during the Second World War. I could not put it down and will be recommending to everyone. If you like Kirsten Hannah, you'll like this.

From the back

Imagine waking up and a wall has divided your city in two. Imagine that on the other side is your new-born baby...

This is what happens to Lisette. Overnight, on 13 August 1961, the border between East and West Berlin has closed, slicing the city - and the world - in two. With the streets in chaos and armed guards ordered to shoot anyone who tries to cross, her situation is desperate.

Lisette's teenage daughter, Elly, has always struggled to understand the distance between herself and her mother. Both have lived for music, but while Elly hears notes surrounding every person she meets, for her mother - once a talented pianist - the music has gone silent.

Perhaps Elly can do something to bridge the gap between them. What begins as the flicker of an idea turns into a daring plan to escape East Berlin, find her baby brother, and bring him home....


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