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The Good Liars by Anita Frank

So much to enjoy here. Frank's descriptive writing is sublime and her characters are perfectly drawn. A chilling, compulsive page turner about WW1 where history and mystery mingle together. Part ghost story, part psychological thriller. All brilliant.

From the back

In the summer of 1914 a boy vanishes, never to be seen again.

Now, in 1920, the once esteemed Stilwell family of Darkacre Hall find themselves struggling with the legacy of the First World War. Leonard bears the physical scars, while his brother Maurice has endured more than his mind can take. Maurice’s wife Ida yearns for the lost days of privilege and pleasure and family friend Victor seems unwilling to move on.

But their lives are thrown into further disarray when the missing boy’s case is reopened – and this time they themselves are under police scrutiny.

As the dead return to haunt the living, old resentments resurface and loyalties are tested, while secrets risk being unearthed that could destroy them all.


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