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Miss Austen Investigates by Jessica Bull

This book is a joy from start to finish. I only meant to read a couple of pages, but I got swept up in seconds. Bright and brilliant, Austen Investigates bustles along in a jaunty bonnet. Jane is funny and sharp and her relationship with her brothers is genius. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

From the back

Welcome to Hampshire, 1795, where a young Jane Austen has her sights set on securing a marriage proposal from the dashing Tom Lefroy at a local ball.

But when a shocking discovery is made - a milliner's lifeless body tucked away in a linen closet - Jane finds herself embroiled in an unexpected murder mystery.

As she races against the clock to clear her beloved brother Georgy's name, Jane uses her sharp wits to navigate the treacherous waters of society, unmasking secrets and unearthing hidden motives along the way. With every twist and turn, Jane's determination to solve the case deepens. And if she fails, her brother will face the ultimate punishment - the hangman's noose...

Join Jane on her quest for justice as she faces down danger, deceit, and scandal amidst her own friends and neighbours. Will she uncover the truth in time, or will the real killer go free? One thing's for certain - in Hampshire, nothing is as it seems...


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