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MAAME - Jessica George

This book started as a whisper. Maddie is a good girl. Too good, too put upon. I had no idea how far it would go, how much I would come to care about Maddie and her journey. Insightful, brave, funny and so so sad in parts. Utterly relatable.

From the back: A blisteringly funny, heartbreaking novel about 20-something British Ghanaian Maddie as she grapples with identity, love, loss and becoming the woman she wants to be—for fans of Chewing Gum, Such a Fun Age and Queenie.

Mum calls me Maame. It has many meanings in Twi, but in my case, it means woman. Meet Maddie. To her mostly absent mum, she's Maame, the woman of the family. To her dad, she's his carer—even if he hardly recognises her. To her friends, she's the one who still lives at home, who never puts herself first. It's time to become the woman she wants to be. The kind who wears a bright yellow suit, says yes to after-work drinks and flirts with a 30-something banker. Who doesn't have to Google all her life choices. Who demands a seat at the table. But to put ourselves together, sometimes we have to fall apart.... Heartbreaking, sharply funny and achingly relatable, Maame is an irresistibly fresh coming-of-age story with a heroine you'll never forget.


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