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Good Things by Kate Macdougall

Kate has created the perfect setting for her story. An old, crumbly house, an absent father, and two sisters who don't get on. It is the perfect spring read. Funny, charming and utterly escapist. Has been likened to a modern day Austen and I can certainly see why.

From the back

Two sisters, one absent father and a grand inheritance . . .

Maggie and Liz may be sisters (and yes, named after a pair of much more famous siblings), but that's about all they have in common. Maggie is a free spirit - travelling the world, flitting through life and relationships without ever really having to connect. Liz, meanwhile, is the lynchpin of Little Martin village society and determined to be the perfect wife, mother and homemaker - even if she does live in a new build.

When Liz and Maggie's beloved grandmother, Queen Vic, dies in a characteristically dramatic fashion, they are left to deal with the aftermath - inheriting the family Manor, as well as full responsibility for their profligate father, a notorious womaniser who causes trouble wherever he goes.

Maggie and Liz have been living separate lives for years - but now might finally be the time to put their differences behind them.


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