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Enzo's Short Story Competition

I love this old photo. I found it at a car boot sale and It immediately makes me imagine a hundred different stories. That got me and Enzo thinking...

Why don't we have a little competition and ask YOU to write those stories?! And then YOU can choose the winning entry!


So, here's the deal...


1. Write a short story (up to a maximum of 800 words) inspired by that fantastic photo. It can be anything that the image suggests. Did you have a bit of a naughty Nan that loved a kness-up? Who's that tall fella at the back with the handsome moustache? What are this lot singing? What are they celebrating?


2. Send your to me and Enzo via the contact section on this site or email it to


3. We'll post all the entries to my wesbite for you to peruse and choose your fave via a poll.


4. The CLOSING DATE for entries is Monday 4th March. So get writing!


5. Oh, the PRIZE? You can WIN a new paperback of your choice plus a signed harback copy of Goodbye Birdie Greenwing.


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