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Anyone's Ghost by August Thompson

Theron and Jake are so spotlessly written, so utterly believable and horribly fragile. It is not just a story about falling in love, but about the bravery of believing in someone, the thrill of danger, and the ghosts we walk alongside daily. I adored it.

From the back

The lonely life of fifteen-year-old Theron David Alden is transformed when he meets Jake. Older, cooler, more confident and startlingly beautiful, Jake likes the same bands, the same drugs, and has the same drive to oblivion.

Over the course of two decades, Theron and Jake get high, drift apart, and are brought hurtling back together, until a final collision tears them apart forever.

Theron wants Jake, and he wants to be Jake. But is Jake brave enough to want him back?

A gorgeous modern love story about the lives that change us, and the loves that haunt us, Anyone’s Ghost will break your heart.


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