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About A Son by David Whitehouse

I wish I could get everyone in the whole world to read this book. I wish I could place it in the hands of every single teenager. I can honestly say it changed my life, the way I look at my life. The things I think I thought were important. Yes, you are going to cry, but the book deserves it. Morgan and Colin deserve it.

From the back

One night in October 2015, twenty-year-old Morgan Hehir went out with friends and never came home.

In the aftermath of his funny, talented son's murder, Morgan's father Colin began to keep an extraordinary diary. It became a record of his family's grief, the ensuing trial, and his determined quest to uncover the shocking truth that the police had kept hidden.

Inspired by this diary, About A Son is a groundbreaking work of creative non-fiction that asks vital questions about the nature of justice and pays tribute to the unbreakable bond between a father and son.

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