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A Lady's Guide to Scandal by Sophie Irwin

I adored Irwin's first book and this one was just as brilliant. A regency romp that genuinely made me laugh out loud. Perfect escapist fiction that I never wanted to end. Highly recommend.

From the back

A lifetime of duty

Widowed at just seven-and-twenty from her marriage of convenience, Eliza, now Countess of Somerset, is bequeathed a fortune, hers to keep – provided she can steer clear of scandal.

The promise of love

The last thing she expects is to be torn between two very different men – a face from the past, whose loss she’s always mourned, and a roguish poet, who scorns convention.

A taste of freedom

But a lady’s reputation is fragile and with jealous eyes on Eliza’s fortune, it will only take one whisper of gossip for her to lose it all…


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