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Welcome to my site.


It’s mostly about books, writing and dogs.


You can see what I’ve been reading recently and what I’m currently thinking and talking about on my blog.


If you'd like to keep in touch - and I hope you will - you can sign up to my newsletter, edited by my dog, Enzo. Yes, really.

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About Me

About Me


I live in Brighton with my three daughters, husband, and dogs.

I love reading (anything and everything), writing, and 1970s interior design (some may call it 'tut'). I also love codewords, jigsaws, rain on plastic rooves, cake, and empty laundry baskets. Car boot sales over shopping centres.


I find people endlessly fascinating and a constant source of inspiration.


I have rheumatoid arthritis but can still talk the hind leg off a donkey. Always time for a cup of tea and some book recommendations. And dogs.

My Book

George’s wife died suddenly, leaving him with a puppy he did not want, and letters to find telling him how to live without her. All he wants to do is sit in his armchair and sulk, but Betty comes into his life, dragging him back into the world.

Dan is a counsellor with OCD, hiding in the closet. The only person who knows the real Dan is his Labrador, Fitz. When Atticus walks into his counselling room, Dan is forced to admit who he is truly is. But Atticus is keeping secrets too. Dan will have to learn to be brave.

Lizzie is hiding in a refuge with her son Lenny. She refuses to talk about why. When she is tasked with walking the shelter’s dog, Maud, she meets Luke. Slowly, her secrets reveal themselves.

When I wrote Dog Days, I thought it was about dogs. Now I think it’s about grief and friendship and overcoming obstacles.  George is based on my friend Maurice, who I lost in the Shoreham Air Disaster. Atticus is based on a friend’s brother. Lizzie represents the idea that women are either ‘mad or bad’ but never allowed to be human. The dogs are a reminder to live in the moment, accept what we cannot change and leave behind what is too heavy to carry.

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Meet My Dogs
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My Blog

What I've been reading recently...

I read a lot and I have a whole section of concise reviews and recommendations. Please feel free to have a browse - and check back for regular additions.

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