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The Days I loved You Most - Amy Neff

I loved the setting for this book, and the children's lives. I struggled to understand the decision made by Joseph and Evelyn. Well, Joseph mainly. Beautifully written, with wonderful attention to detail, (Yes I would like to move to New England and open a beach front guest house). There is a lot to enjoy and if you are me, frustrate - in these pages.

From the back

Joseph and Evelyn's New England beach homes have been side by side for generations. And in the summer of 1941, on the shores where they were raised, these two childhood friends fell in love.

Now, more than sixty years later, Joseph and Evelyn gather their three grown children to share the staggering news: in one year's time, they will end their lives on their own terms. She has received a diagnosis and he cannot - will not - live without her.

As the couple comes to grips with their fate, they reckon with the joys and regrets, the laughter and the sorrow that brought them to this moment. And they create new memories to cherish with each of their children before they're gone.

But as their final days draw closer, they must confront the stark reality of everything they have put in motion. Will they - can they - go through with their plan?


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